Monday, December 22, 2008

ok so finally i get my blog active after hours of trying to get a google account,not knowin it works with only gmail accounts.either that or dey just dont lyk my yahoo email addy.this past few days have bin crazy nd heavily borin and if its a pointer to wat xmas is goin 2 be lyk den i'l pass.first i had a migrain,a crazy one for dat matter,couldn't eat or sleep nd as always my stayinup late dint help at all.took a few painkillers and it eased off a lil.if only i knew wat was comin next,guess wat??? I CAUGHT A STOMACH BUG!!!!!!!..from where or wat i dont know.God twas so freakin painful,dont even want to remember d experience..i kept popping pills lyk i was Dr House,but no luck so i started prayin(yeah i do dat and still nufin.tried 2 cheer myself up but no good,as if d day could not get ne worse,i was chattin wiv dis cutey nd i fell asleep wivout ne warning and wen i woke up i felt so embarassed nd i had 2 call 2 explain.thnk God she wasnt mad.made me remember 1 tym wen i fell asleep talkin 2 my ex girl-friend(good

Then twas sunday mornin and yet my stomach had not eased up nd i had 2 go 2 church l8 against my wishes,u shulda seen me,i was lookin like hell,but dat was d least of my worries but i managed 2 get thru d service wivout any qualms or potty home and had a nap expectin 2 watch d EPL match btw Arsenal n Liverpool(stupid scousers)...ended up in a draw wiv ade getting sent off n my Fabregas injured.........let me tell u horrible wkend..hopin this wk is gon bring much needed excitement and fun if not........come to think of it i aint set me goals 4 d nu yr,need 2 stat on dat very soon.just pray m less nutty or more nutty...think i'l sign off now cuz my heads kinda on fire now dat the stomach bug is gone...readers feel free to write wateva u for dis xmas season i dont want nothing from santa....i just want my friggin leprechaun back dats all not dat stupid reindeer,rudolph..heard he's gay...hey dont look at me....


Chi-Chi said...

blogger it's 2209!
where at thou?!

new to your blog...neways