Sunday, October 4, 2009

wow cant believe its almost a year since my last post.....unbelievable......well not rili cuz i only started dis cuz at d time it semmed fun n it kept me from bin bored to death........seein as those reasons have come into play again i thot i'd giv it anoda shot.i'm thinkin of hirin a p.a to do my bloggin(yes people lyk me hardly have time to blog)...ok now dat i'm here wat has changed since last yr...i fink i'v gotten a lil taller,i'm in a new class,i'm a different person(i guess)..OMG dis is hard to do its lyk i aint got nefin important to talk bout(duh!!!).of late the only tin i do is listen to music(T.O.G especially),watch DVD's(boston legal 5 episode 3 rili kicks ass) and sleep scaringly long hours....livin the life ain't u get the wrong idea n tink i'm unserious(which i am) i'm only doing thiscuz school's out until further notice(yay!!!) so i had to look for some'n to induldge luv interests for now which rili sucks due to d fact dat i'm in d mood to give out all d luvn i got....what a shame.....
Over the last year,one tin has rili changed in 9JA music(i did state i was Nigerian ryt)  which we all dont no wat it is but more and more Nigerians are beginnin to listen to Nigerian songs  much more dan we all used to which is down to the pure talent and ingenius of our recent crop of Artiste(MI-Mr. Incredible,Jesse Jaggz,Iceprince,Eva Alordiah,Terry Da Rapman,Wande Coal,Terry G(crazy dude),9ice,Tu-Face,Djinee,Sauce Kid,Kel,Dare Art Alade,Iyanya,Cobhams,Igho,Chuddy K,Bracket,Da Grin,Ikechukwu,Omawunmi,Lara George,G-Exploits........and many many more)....its amazing cuz it makes us realize how much crap we used to refer to and appreciate as we have more n more educated people going into music and not just using as a means to get out of a horrid lfestyle....but i must admit every now n den i remember day of Daddy Showkey,Remedies,Plantashun Boiz,Baba Furo,Azadus,Rasqie et al n it brings good memories cuz growin up for me dose guys were d ish.....and den BOOM!!!!! from no where our music put on a totally different,sexy and sauve outlook which even brings us International recognition missin since the days of the late Fela Kuti ala Tu-Face,D'banj,Asa,P-Square and even our very own US-based Wale is representin eer now n den...i can confidently put nigerian songs only on my ipod nd be guaranteed a nyc time......seeing as i'v so far talked bout music and sports mayb wiv my next post we'l talk bout some'n else......oh yeah the show Californication(Dave Duchovny) rili rili rocks nd i tink d producers,writers n actors shld b shot(just a thot)....i'll leave u wiv dese links where u can get d only two songs i enjoy for now...shout out to T.O.G....Rose forever
(check out the cruise song especially)

dats all folks......for now 

Monday, December 22, 2008

ok so finally i get my blog active after hours of trying to get a google account,not knowin it works with only gmail accounts.either that or dey just dont lyk my yahoo email addy.this past few days have bin crazy nd heavily borin and if its a pointer to wat xmas is goin 2 be lyk den i'l pass.first i had a migrain,a crazy one for dat matter,couldn't eat or sleep nd as always my stayinup late dint help at all.took a few painkillers and it eased off a lil.if only i knew wat was comin next,guess wat??? I CAUGHT A STOMACH BUG!!!!!!!..from where or wat i dont know.God twas so freakin painful,dont even want to remember d experience..i kept popping pills lyk i was Dr House,but no luck so i started prayin(yeah i do dat and still nufin.tried 2 cheer myself up but no good,as if d day could not get ne worse,i was chattin wiv dis cutey nd i fell asleep wivout ne warning and wen i woke up i felt so embarassed nd i had 2 call 2 explain.thnk God she wasnt mad.made me remember 1 tym wen i fell asleep talkin 2 my ex girl-friend(good

Then twas sunday mornin and yet my stomach had not eased up nd i had 2 go 2 church l8 against my wishes,u shulda seen me,i was lookin like hell,but dat was d least of my worries but i managed 2 get thru d service wivout any qualms or potty home and had a nap expectin 2 watch d EPL match btw Arsenal n Liverpool(stupid scousers)...ended up in a draw wiv ade getting sent off n my Fabregas injured.........let me tell u horrible wkend..hopin this wk is gon bring much needed excitement and fun if not........come to think of it i aint set me goals 4 d nu yr,need 2 stat on dat very soon.just pray m less nutty or more nutty...think i'l sign off now cuz my heads kinda on fire now dat the stomach bug is gone...readers feel free to write wateva u for dis xmas season i dont want nothing from santa....i just want my friggin leprechaun back dats all not dat stupid reindeer,rudolph..heard he's gay...hey dont look at me....

Friday, December 19, 2008

1st tym ever...blogging

so there i was chattin wiv this friend of mine exchanging pleasantries jokes n isnults amongst other things,nd he kept sending mt this link to check out his blog and all.first i thot he was crazy cuz there was no way i'd ever have time 4 a blog seeing how busy i was and how tyt my schedule was bout to get(not rili just dint want to answe him)...after much persuasion,i gave in nd bam!!!! i found myself here,of course he left me 2 go watch some gay cartoon but i stayed up tryin 2 create a blog and so here it is.....sincerely i dnt tink i'l enjoy this but i'v bin wrong b4 so here's 2 a new experience.dont worry there aint gon be nufin borin on my profile(i hope),i promise 2 always update nd find some'n 2 keep u guys reading and followin my post....let the fun begin...oh yeah thnks 2 d yoda master/impulse,wa'eva he calls himself 4 invitin me i guess.