Friday, December 19, 2008

1st tym ever...blogging

so there i was chattin wiv this friend of mine exchanging pleasantries jokes n isnults amongst other things,nd he kept sending mt this link to check out his blog and all.first i thot he was crazy cuz there was no way i'd ever have time 4 a blog seeing how busy i was and how tyt my schedule was bout to get(not rili just dint want to answe him)...after much persuasion,i gave in nd bam!!!! i found myself here,of course he left me 2 go watch some gay cartoon but i stayed up tryin 2 create a blog and so here it is.....sincerely i dnt tink i'l enjoy this but i'v bin wrong b4 so here's 2 a new experience.dont worry there aint gon be nufin borin on my profile(i hope),i promise 2 always update nd find some'n 2 keep u guys reading and followin my post....let the fun begin...oh yeah thnks 2 d yoda master/impulse,wa'eva he calls himself 4 invitin me i guess.


Master Yoda said...

which pple??

Escobar said...

i do u get people to follow n read n view ur blog???